Kodak Block Drops ‘No Flockin 2’ and ‘Bodak Yellow’ Remix

Cardi B has been killing it since June with some Peoples song of the summer ‘Boadak Yellow‘. The track has been building more and more momentum and is showing no signs of slowing down. It was recently used as part of a Janet Jackson Live dance routine and is being rooted for by a whole host of celebrities to beat Taylor Swift to the number one spot.

Cardi B has always been very vocal in giving credit and respect to Kodak Black for inspiring the flow. Fans thought they would never see the two collaborating but here we are. Kodak jumped on a ‘Bodak Yellow remix‘ and has also released a reply to the track named simply ‘Bodak Orange‘ or ‘No Flockin 2‘. It’s a follow-up to a single released that got him noticed and subsequently led to Cardi B’s inspiration.

The beat on ‘No Flockin 2’ is the same as on the original track, with a dark but chilled vibe. There is a video to accompany the track directed by Kodak and the context is comparing his life now and when he released the original ‘No Flockin’, it’s also laced with popular culture references as well as tipping his hat to ‘Cardi B’.

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