Joe Flizzow to host barber shop cypher show for local musicians!

Joe Flizzow is arguably the most successful Malaysian rapper in the Hip-Hop scene to date. His long and industrious career in the rap game started in the late 90s with the group ‘Too Phat’. After 4 studio albums and 4 compilation albums ‘Too Phat’ started to venture into their solo careers, with their last public performance coming as they opened for Kanye West during his ‘Touch The Sky’ tour in Malaysia. Flizzow dropped his debut solo album ‘President’ in 2009 which gained critical acclaim and won him a host of awards. His most recent album ‘Havoc’ dropped in 2013. Since then he has been working on his label ‘Kartel Records’. The multi-genre music label has been instrumental in nurturing the come ups of some of the hottest rappers, R&B artists and newcomers in Malaysia in recent years such as ‘SonaOne’ and Altimet.

Flizzow has always been an industry leader in the Malaysian hip-hop scene, which is still a role he takes pride in. A recent project has been teased recently on social media pages. It comes in the form of live sessions with local rappers and DJ’s at his barber shop.       The project goes by the name of ’16 Baris’ with a seemingly similar style and concept to that of The BET Cyphers at the prestigious awards show. With Flizzow hosting and the incredible array of acts that Malaysia has to offer ’16 Baris’ is already looking to be a success! It gives local artists a platform to reach out to audiences and prove that they can spit. It feels like there is a huge gap in the market here with the local Hip-Hop scene advancing rapidly and an opportunity for fans to see more of their favourite artists.

Barbershop cypher #16Baris…ya’ll ain’t ready.

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