Top 5 horror movies of 2017

Lovers of horror, thriller and psychological mind warps are always on the lookout for a movie to get their blood pumping, mid racing and heart pounding. For me, the best part of last year was spent lying in bed with a monumental head fuck of a horror/thriller and a bottle of rouge. Here’s our top 5 horror movies of 2017 as of yet.


Jordan Peele’s directorial debut shines a light on the anxieties that black people face in modern-day America. Tananarive Due an author and educator, was so inspired by the film that she created a semester-long special course about how horror and anti-black racism have intertwined in the cinema.



Gore Verbinski, the director of the first three ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movies and ‘The Ring’ creates a gothic work of bamboozling cinematic madness. The film weighs in at nearly three-hours long with no major stars and is still an engaging must watch for fans of the horror, thriller and mystery genres.



By far the most anticipated film of the year, Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen Kings nightmarish story of a child eating clown, Pennywise. Has kept children and adults alike terrified of clowns since the original movies release 27 years ago.



An apocalypse movie with a psychological edge. After a mysterious virus leaves the world with few survivors, two families are forced to share a home in an uneasy alliance to keep the outside evil at bay. But in this world, no one can be trusted.



David Sandberg directs this chilling prequel to the conjuring trilogy. Years after 7-year-old Annabelle dies in a car accident, a nun and six orphaned girls come to stay with her parents in their California farmhouse. When one child sneaks into a forbidden room and finds a seemingly innocent doll, the nightmare begins.

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