The Travel Company That Sends You To A Random Remote Location For An Adventure

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost”

There is now a company that is taking the above quote quite literally. Aimed at people with a strong sense of adventure and the burning passion to explore the unexplored. It comes from the people at ‘Black Tomato’ and is aptly named ‘Get Lost‘. It’s an amazing new service that takes you to unknown, uncharted locations to make you feel genuinely lost, they set you up with the tools you need to survive and set you on your very personal quest to be free from the restraints and shackles of the modern world (under the distant watch of a support team).

‘The ultimate experience for helping people to disconnect, engage in the moment and push themselves to achieve a truly wonderful sense of satisfaction.’ – Get Lost Site

The process of booking said trip isn’t as complex as you might first think. There are two ways of booking your enlightening adventure. The first option is to meet with ‘Get Out’s’ version of a travel agent to discuss what you hope to gain from the trip, whether that be spiritual or physical. Would you prefer sun or snow, jungle or desert and so on. How many participants? Any health issues that may be significant to choosing a location. And the reason for the adventure. The second option is a bit more of a gamble in which you will be asked no questions and will have a completely spontaneous trip.

Around half a year after you meet with the ‘Get Lost’ team, give or take a couple of weeks, you’ll arrive at the airport with a hankering for an adventure and no real clue as to where you’ll be going or what you’ll be doing. Everything from this point will be a random surprise. You will be taken on a private jet or helicopter with some of the known destinations being a migratory dolphin pond on the south african coast and piranha fishing in the Amazon. That’s as much as we feel comfortable revealing without taking away from the whole concept of not knowing.

Once you arrive in the birth place of the new you, you’ll trade your cell phone for an emergency satellite phone. Survival experts will hand you a backpack full of the necessary equipment and tools. They’ll teach you the skills required to take on any challenges that you may face and then send you on your merry little way. Along the road ahead you will come across checkpoints on a daily basis to ensure you are still on track. Fear not though, you will have guides tracking you the whole way from afar so that if things get a little too much you’ll always have some solace in knowing that you’re not completely alone.

Now I know this sounds like the kind of thing that would require you to sell your house, quit your job and be prepared to go slightly insane with loneliness but most trips only take around 5 days to a week. This doesn’t seem like a long time but a week without the internet, email and those everyday stresses that feel like the biggest, most annoying  things to ever happen to anyone and you’ll be amazed at how much reflection and growth can take place in said week.

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