Check Out The Custom-Made Pizza Hut Pie Tops II

Upon thinking of Pizza Hut, your mind might be drawn to their world famous cheesy bites, stuffed crust, and pizza bases. One thing that they’re not usually associated with is fashion. Last year Pizza Hut launched a sneaker cleverly named ‘The Pie Tops’, the limited edition sneakers were a hit with sneakerheads far and wide and had one particular feature never seen before, they had the ability to order pizza by pressing a button on the tongue that connects to the Pie Tops app – not the standard Pizza Hut app. The shoes use geolocation technology to allow wearers to have pizza delivered to wherever they are; designed by the famed customizer ‘The Shoe Surgeon’, the sneakers feature a “button”.

This time around the development of last year’s hightop (Pie Top), come in a wheat and red colour-way with each tone featuring a distinctive type of material. The customized Hightop features a logo on the embossed hangtag, lace lock, tongue, heel and ankle collar. The wheat coloured part of the shoe is made with a tumbled NuBuck (grain side leather) and the red ‘marinara’ part dons a full-grain leather with suede on the heel and toe cap. The shoes also have an optional ‘Cheese Pull’ lace instead of the tonal stock.

The very limited edition sneakers are set to release with only 50 pairs available, get your pair on March 21 at 11 a.m. ET, and check out Pizza Hut’s blog for additional information.





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