OTB’s Top Ten Fire In The Booths!

Fire in the booth is as culturally important to the UK rap scene as Big and Pac were to the progression of the US’ Hip-Hop Scene. Charlie Sloth and the Fire In The Booth team have created a platform for upcoming and established artists to show the world what they can do. Rappers know that if they kill it in the fire in the booth, booth then it’s game over!

Without further ado here is my Top 10 Fire In the Booths in no particular order.

Click the Pic to watch the Flick Yeahh..

  1. p04gdvyy.jpg                  2. maxresdefault.jpg

3. maxresdefault (1).jpg                  4. maxresdefault (2).jpg

5. maxresdefault (3).jpg                   6. maxresdefault (4).jpg

7. maxresdefault (5).jpg                   8. maxresdefault (6).jpg

9. maxresdefault (7).jpg                 10. maxresdefault (8).jpg


And Then there’s this guy…


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