OTB’s Top Ten Fire In The Booths!

Fire in the booth is as culturally important to the UK rap scene as Big and Pac were to the progression of the US’ Hip-Hop Scene. Charlie Sloth and the Fire In The Booth team have created a platform for upcoming and established artists to show the world what they can do. Rappers know thatContinue reading “OTB’s Top Ten Fire In The Booths!”

Boy Better Know Hosts A Homecoming Event In Lagos, Nigeria

Last night, Boy Better Know Africa was over in Lagos, Nigeria for their highly anticipated homecoming event; the three-day mini festival featured live shows, art, sports and music, featuring recognised global artists with one thing in common, their Nigerian heritage. The festival saw a live music showcase, pop up shops, Nike Tee customisation and even a footballContinue reading “Boy Better Know Hosts A Homecoming Event In Lagos, Nigeria”

Sneakbo Is Back With His Second Fire In The Booth Instalment

Sneakbo is back in the radio 1 studio with his second instalment of ‘Fire In The Booth’ and it’s an absolute masterclass. The 1 Xtra cypher comes fresh of the back of his newest release ‘Brixton’ which dropped on March 2nd, the album was well received in the scene featuring big tracks like ‘Active’ ft Giggs.Continue reading “Sneakbo Is Back With His Second Fire In The Booth Instalment”

Watch the Video for Tyler, The Creator’s Newest Track “OKRA” Here

Tyler, The Creator has dropped an unexpected track with accompanied video, the track is titled “OKRA”. The flamboyant Yonkers singer posted a picture on Instagram of the Youtube upload page with the description reading  “throwaway song” the star also posted “promote this song for the next 5 days, then continue to live a normal life” to TwitterContinue reading “Watch the Video for Tyler, The Creator’s Newest Track “OKRA” Here”

Jimothy Lacoste’s new hilarious track is genius!

Rising star and D.I.Y pop bandit Jimothy Lacoste has struck again with his ridiculously brilliant and bouncy new creation “Subway System”. The track is all about the London underground, and though the lyrics don’t come with a lot of substance, the track is an absolute jam! Visuals for the release consist of simple but elegant shotsContinue reading “Jimothy Lacoste’s new hilarious track is genius!”

Skepta x Air Max Deluxe Teased For Summer

Skepta’s influence on global streetwear trends has grown into a cult sensation in recent years and he now finds himself as somewhat of an ambassador for the UK/European streetwear image. Back in 2017, Skepta linked up with Nike to create one of the most popular trainers of the year, the ‘Air Max 97’, a tribute to theContinue reading “Skepta x Air Max Deluxe Teased For Summer”

Joshua vs Parker All You Need To Know

The highly anticipated heavyweight unification fight will take place in Cardiff, the winner takes all heavyweight bout will be held at the Principality Stadium on Saturday, March 31st. Joshua and Parker are putting their IBF, WBA Super, IBO, and WBO belts on the line, as well as their unbeaten records. The fight will put the winnerContinue reading “Joshua vs Parker All You Need To Know”

Check Out The Custom-Made Pizza Hut Pie Tops II

Upon thinking of Pizza Hut, your mind might be drawn to their world famous cheesy bites, stuffed crust, and pizza bases. One thing that they’re not usually associated with is fashion. Last year Pizza Hut launched a sneaker cleverly named ‘The Pie Tops’, the limited edition sneakers were a hit with sneakerheads far and wide and hadContinue reading “Check Out The Custom-Made Pizza Hut Pie Tops II”

Get at Drakes ‘Lemon’ Remix Featuring Rhianna Here

    N.E.R.D. dropped their smash “Lemon” last November and since then we’ve heard a mad number of artists remixing the track. Look sharp now because the Big Man Drizzy; unmistakably one of biggest global artists right now has got in on the party. Pharrell is no stranger to dropping tracks with this kind of impactContinue reading “Get at Drakes ‘Lemon’ Remix Featuring Rhianna Here”

The perfect date night idea/steak dish with accompanied wine selection and recipes

It’s date night and you want to do something special, something different, something to set the mood and make tonight unlike any other date. You want to cook an elegant and delicious feast. Here is my idea of the perfect night featuring an elegant steak dish accompanied perfectly with sides and a bold yet classyContinue reading “The perfect date night idea/steak dish with accompanied wine selection and recipes”

Top 5 horror movies of 2017

Lovers of horror, thriller and psychological mind warps are always on the lookout for a movie to get their blood pumping, mid racing and heart pounding. For me, the best part of last year was spent lying in bed with a monumental head fuck of a horror/thriller and a bottle of rouge. Here’s our topContinue reading “Top 5 horror movies of 2017”

The new Game Of Thrones budget is ridiculous, fair play HBO

Production for the final season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ is about to start which means we’re looking at least another year until the highly anticipated season 8 is upon us. Game of thrones has always been known for its movie style production and that is all down to the huge budgets that have been issuedContinue reading “The new Game Of Thrones budget is ridiculous, fair play HBO”

Joe Flizzow to host barber shop cypher show for local musicians!

Joe Flizzow is arguably the most successful Malaysian rapper in the Hip-Hop scene to date. His long and industrious career in the rap game started in the late 90s with the group ‘Too Phat’. After 4 studio albums and 4 compilation albums ‘Too Phat’ started to venture into their solo careers, with their last public performanceContinue reading “Joe Flizzow to host barber shop cypher show for local musicians!”

New ‘Wu Tang Clan’ album, get at the cover art and track-list

Wu-Tang Clans are poised to blow up the Hip-Hop scene when they drop their upcoming album ‘The Saga Continues‘. The group have recently released a new track titled ‘Lesson Learned’. The track hits out at Martin Shkreli, the man that bought ‘Once Upon A Time In Shoalin’ a double CD that was recorded in secret over aContinue reading “New ‘Wu Tang Clan’ album, get at the cover art and track-list”

Plans Matter, for lovers of design! An architects take on Air BnB

Plans matter Is the Air BnB for innate explorers and Architecture nerds! The site was founded by two American architects Connie Lindor and Scott Mueller “We met in architecture school, and have been obsessing about design ever since. We believe good design can inspire and improve life in both small and large ways. The more weContinue reading “Plans Matter, for lovers of design! An architects take on Air BnB”

Kanye West debuts never seen before adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners

Kanye West, has been spotted sporting an unreleased pair of adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners. Coming with a complete new colorway with a light grey, mute green and orange colour scheme. Casually breaking the internet while breaking in the sneakers, Yeezy was copped showing off his latest creation with a smile. There is stillContinue reading “Kanye West debuts never seen before adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners”

Supreme drop a controversial line with NYC artist Andres Serrano

Supreme are never too away far from a collaboration and they never disappoint! Their partner in the latest project collab comes in the form of Andres Serrano, a NYC artist and photographer. His work is somewhat controversial. His more notable pieces incorporate corpses, the use of feces and bodily fluids combined with religious imagery. ThisContinue reading “Supreme drop a controversial line with NYC artist Andres Serrano”